With many years of experience on the market of door and furniture producers, we accept original projects for execution, which often pose a challenge for our craft work. Deciding not to use a mass production method in manufacturing system furniture, we try to meet even the most sophisticated needs of our Customers, who can rely on full professionalism of our services and the highest quality of production.

As a door and furniture manufacturer,Logo ARTForm miniexecutes orders for the following, among others:

  • hotels and guesthouses (hotel rooms and general-access areas)
  • restaurants, bars, clubs
  • store showrooms
  • offices and conference rooms
  • flats and houses

As a team of experienced professionals, we provide our Customers with expert consulting services and ensure full engagement. Not only is our team highly qualified, but we also dispose of an advanced machine park and available production area of over 3500 m2. Having introduced a two-shift system of work, we can execute several extensive orders at the same time. We specialize in veneered furniture. We also manufacture furniture of melaminated boards, MDF, solid wood, using at the Customer’s request, elements made of glass, steel, plastic, leather, fabrics, and selected furniture accessories. We have our own upholstery, where we manufacture tailored upholstered furniture fit for Customers’ individual needs. Our offer includes a wide selection of interior and exterior door options. Using the best materials, we manufacture and mount fire protection (EI30, EI60) and acoustic (32dB, 42dB) doors with suitable certificates.

Krajowy certyfikat stałości właściwości użytkowych
Certyfikat 42dB