Machine park

As a carpenter’s workshop specializing in wood and veneer processing, we have an extensive machine park mostly for that type of manufacturing. We have our own vacuum kiln, staying independent from dried wood suppliers in executing our orders. We also have wood processing machines, including ones applying numerical control (CNC), which significantly facilitate and speed up production. These include, among others:

  • two panel saws allowing for cutting out for several orders during one working day
  • two edge banders, including one with a reverse function allowing to create two separate lines (e.g. for melaminated and veneered elements)
  • two multi-function machining centers which, with information scanned from element labels, allows for complete automation of the production process
  • a drill-doweller for fast and precise hole mounting in furniture elements
  • several presses and band sanders allowing for processing many square meters of materials

We also have our own efficient paint shop consisting of two cabins and a painting machine. What is more, the engagement of 11 teams of carpenters and their assistants equipped with necessary tools allows for a fast assembly and packing of furniture and door manufactured in our factory.